WWE: Remembering Shane McMahon's insane bump four years ago today


WWE put on a big Hell In A Cell show back in 2017, culminating in Kevin Owens‘ one-on-one match with Shane McMahon, from the SmackDown brand, inside the structure.

The pair faced off in a match that lasted almost 40 minutes, capping off a card that also saw Jinder Mahal defend the WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura and The Usos take on Big E and Xavier Woods in a classic Hell In A Cell match. 

So wild was the clash, Owens and Shane McMahon clashed in a Falls Count Anywhere Cell match, perhaps with the bonkers finish in mind.

The feud itself was built on Shane seemingly screwing Owens out of the United States Championship against AJ Styles. Shane spotted that AJ’s foot was on the rope during a pinfall and Kevin Owens shoved him, only to be shoved back, allowing AJ to score the pin. 

The feud came to a crescendo when Vince McMahon got involved, and Owens asked if he would be allowed to “beat a McMahon senseless”. Vince said yes, and ate a super kick, headbutt, and a frog splash for his trouble. 

That led to the booking of the Hell In A Cell match.

Before Owens could reach the ring, Shane attacked, but once they were in the cage, the door was locked and carnage ensued. 

Shane McMahon hit Owens with a triangle choke, countering a pop-up powerbomb, and was also powerbombed onto the steel steps for a near fall. Owens went through a table, and was also hit with the coast-to-coast, although he managed to get his foot on the rope.

Shane used bolt cutters to get out of the cell and the pair climbed up to the top of the cell. Owens eventually tried to climb down, having tried a pop-up powerbomb, and Shane knocked Owens off, causing him to fall through one of the two announce tables. 


Shane then placed Owens on the other announce table and climbed back to the top of the cell to attempt a leap of faith.

With Owens draped over the side of the table, Shane crossed himself, and leapt, attempting an elbow drop. 

Sami Zayn, appearing from the crowd, got there just in time to pull Kevin Owens away, in a moment of genuinely incredible timing, and Shane crashed through the announce table. 

With medical personnel attempting to check on McMahon, Sami insisted they move, and placed Owens on top of him, to get the 1-2-3. 

The match was given four-and-a-quarter stars by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and we’re still in awe of that closing spot. 

It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened had Sami and Kevin not been perfectly in sync when Shane jumped. 

An absolutely remarkable sequence of events, and a genuinely superb match too. 

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