Conor McGregor laughs at Kamaru Usman 'copying' him again


Conor McGregor has laughed at Kamaru Usman for once again trying to copy his style.

A rivalry has developed between UFC’s biggest trash talkers after the pair went toe-to-toe on social media back in April.

Two-time UFC champion McGregor initially called out the reigning welterweight champion on Twitter, claiming Usman had copied some of his one-liners and accused The Nigerian Nightmare of copying his fight style during his win over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261.

Responding to the tweet that also saw McGregor tell Usman that he was coming to claim UFC’s welterweight division ‘soon’, Usman responded, telling the Irishman that he wasn’t the same fighter he once was.

Usman said: “Except when I touch you at 170, they go out. They don’t even go out at 155 anymore for you. I finish people. You get finished.”

But it appears McGregor still thinks Usman is copying his career path after the Nigerian announced this week that he had proposed a crossover fight against former welterweight boxing champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

For McGregor, this seemed all too similar to his boxing match with undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather.


The Irishman posted the above image on his Instagram story with a laughing face emoji, with the screenshot captioned: “Usman wants to do the same thing with Canelo like Conor did with Floyd.”

The chance to conquer a third division will undoubtedly appeal to the former featherweight and lightweight champion, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he tried to make his way into the welterweight division.

However, former UFC champion and Hall of Famer Michael Bisping has warned the fight may be an unwise decision for McGregor.

Bisping, on True Geordie's Pain Game podcast, said: “Imagine what Kamaru Usman would do to him.



“I’m not saying that as a McGregor hater. And I’m not a f****** hater. I respect the body of work that he’s done, just not the antics and the last few performances.

“But him against Usman, Jesus Christ! Come on. Him against (Jorge) Masvidal even, you know what I mean. Look what Masvidal did to Nate Diaz. And I know MMA math doesn’t stack up, but come on.

“He must want to die. I mean, what?! He must want to die. This is not ’45, ’55. You saw what Khabib did to him.

“Oh my god, it wouldn’t even be fair if I fought Conor. Much respect to Conor for what he’s done for this sport and transcended it. But nah, this ain’t what you want.”

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