Messi, Ronaldo, Ozil: The UEFA Team of the Year from 2012 is outrageous

UEFA Team of the Year 2012

During the early 2000s, football was dominated by Spain. 

While their hugely successful national team and Pep Guardiola's era-defining Barcelona side were in their final days, most of the attention centred about either La Roja or La Liga. 

Indeed, a look back to the UEFA Team of the Year in 2012 will tell you as much. One glance at that particular teamsheet will always tell you just what a golden period football was enjoying in terms of talent. 

Of course, it's hard to compare across generations and players will mean different things to supporters depending on when they started to consume football. Certainly, we all have those stars who thrilled us in our formative years and remain God-like figures in our minds. 

Still, the make up of this team is fantastic. 



Eight of the eleven - including the entire midfield - have lifted the World Cup and the three who haven't have ten Ballon d'Or wins between them. Granted, they come from solely Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but, considering the success of his career, it's hard to suggest Thiago Silva won't be talked about in years to come. 

Largely, Real Madrid and Barcelona players feature but Bayern Munich were just about to win a treble themselves, while Silva was embarking on a ridiculous period of glory with PSG. 

You can view the team below. 

"It's so sad we will be seeing Jorginho and vibes this year," said Fredii in reaction. 

"Era of GOATs," claimed @OgaSegee. 

"Jorginho is getting awards, Bruno is getting called world class, Salah is getting called the best winger ever. Football has definitely declined without a doubt," vented @zakshaw15. 

2012 really was a golden period for football. 

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