Tyson Fury's knockout punch on Deontay Wilder in slow motion


I guess it is true that slow motion makes everything look better... or in boxing, more brutal!

Videos have begun to emerge of Tyson Fury’s 11th-round knockout that saw him retain his WBC and The Ring heavyweight titles at the expense of Deontay Wilder.

The clips on the internet are not just highlights from the fight, but slow-motion versions of the best moments, most notably Fury’s knockout.

ABC Sports journalist Evan Morgan Grahame summed up Fury’s punching efficacy perfectly in his caption for the slow-mo knockout video.

He said: “All those jabs in the rounds leading up to the KO made a huge difference, an accumulation of punches turns the big one into the final one. Otherworldly stamina and condition from Fury for such a big man, what a fighter.”

While Wilder put on a warrior’s performance by showing nothing but grit throughout the entire fight, Fury truly showcased exactly why he is the man to beat amongst boxing’s heavyweight fighters.

Despite getting knocked down twice in the fourth round, the Gypsy King brushed it off and swung momentum back his way for the remainder of the fight.

That right hook knockout blow was perfectly executed, and the slow motion capture of it makes it look even better.



There’s no denying that this clip, as well as many others, will be watched for days and maybe even months to come by boxing and sports fans alike.

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