Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder scorecards: What were the judges' scores at time of stoppage?


The epic saga between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury ended with the latter emerging victorious and defending his WBC title; remaining undefeated in the process as well.

The domination of the Gypsy King throughout the fight was imperial. From the very first bell up until the stoppage in round 11, Fury paced himself well, keeping the momentum on his side for the majority.

Despite Wilder being aggressive in the first round, throwing several body shots and aiming for his big right on multiple occasions, Fury was able to stay calm and composed. A slight hiccup did arise in the fourth round, however.

Wilder, in search of some momentum, was able to land two crucial blows, both of which were good enough to send Fury to the ground.

This made Wilder and the crowd think that he was back in the fight, but it was no surprise that that was eventually far from reality.

In the following rounds, Fury built on his domination. The Gypsy King used his momentum to close in on Wilder, and in the 11th round, he was able to land a crucial right in between Wilder's ear and chin, putting the Bronze Bomber to sleep.

Soon after the fight reached its conclusion, the judges' scorecards were released... and it's safe to say some of the scoring hasn't gone down too well.


The scores at the time of the stoppage have been scrutinised by the boxing community, in particular Tim Cheatham's scores.

In the above picture you can see the official scorecards from the fight, and it's the middle column that is getting most of the stick.

Wilder up after six rounds? Wilder winning rounds two and nine? Wilder all square after nine rounds? It's safe to say boxing fans weren't best pleased after seeing Cheatham's scores.

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Despite the ongoing argument, the Gypsy King was able to live by his words and emerge victorious in this epic saga between two of the greats of the heavyweight division.



Just like in the second fight, Fury didn't need the judges...

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