Man Utd: When Patrice Evra pranked Sir Alex Ferguson during Premier League game

Sir Alex Patrice

Above all else, the respect that Sir Alex Ferguson commanded during his 26-year reign in charge of Manchester United was the most legendary thing about it. 

Even above all the trophies and records broken, to see a man constantly heralded as the boss despite the generational changes that naturally come from the passage of time is something incredibly unlikely to happen again. 

Trinkets are one thing, an emotional hold over a global institution is another. 

Indeed, you only have to remember Paul Scholes admitting years after his retirement that he was still scared of the Scotsman to get a gauge as to the impact he made on his players. 



So then, when the mask slips, it makes it all the more enteraining. 

Now, what Patrice Evra did late on during a Premier League meeting between United and Blackburn might not be the most disrespectful act in the world, but it was a rare glimpse into the commaradery behind the scenes. 

Outwardly facing, Ferguson might have been a domineering presence but, away from the cameras, there must have been an element of relaxation. 

With Evra taken off late in the game, he appeared alongside former teammate Anderson behind the inconic manager. 

You can watch the video below. 

Like a child would do their father, the Frenchman then puts two fingers over Ferguson's head to give him the old 'bunny ears' as Anderson looks on laughing. Caught by the cameras, it's rare to see the Scotsman made a fool of in that kind of manner. 

Clearly, it's not the biggest deal in the world but those instances of comedy are few and far between across Ferguson's time at Old Trafford. 

Evra, of course, has now morphed into a social media sensation so, looking back, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised at his antics. 

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