Luis Diaz absolutely bamboozled Man Utd star Fred during Colombia vs Brazil clash

Luis Diaz playing for Colombia against Brazil in a 2022 World Cup qualifier

Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do when faced up against a player capable of pulling out the kind of trick usually reserved for those street magicians who entertain you during your meal on holiday. 

As viral as some of the clips may be and no matter how much criticism may be labeled at a marker for being so easily beaten, the sight of someone being sent for a hot dog all while having their blood twisted is something we can all empathise with. 

Indeed, while Manchester United star Fred has emerged as somewhat of a comedic figure amid his struggles at Old Trafford, there was little he could do when Brazil met Colombia in a 2022 World Cup qualifier. 



On the face of it, the United midfielder and PSG defender Marqiunhos appear to have Luis Diaz of Porto in a relatively good position. 

The 24-year-old was forced out to the byline and had both Brazilians closing in on him in what looked like a dead end. He, however, had other ideas. 

Not only does Diaz manage to drag the ball from Fred while holding off Marquinhos, he finds space that appears to lay only between heartbeats, flicking it up with his opposite foot in a skill move you wouldn’t even believe on a FIFA game. 

As it that wasn’t bad enough for the Brazilians, Diaz then pulls off a no-look pass once he’s free of his opposition. 

You can watch the video below. 

“One of the most skillful players in the game today,” said @KaizerT8__.

“Luis Diaz showing Fred how Brazilians are meant to play,” claimed @urfreshtv_sport.

“If I rob a bank I’m hiring Luis Diaz as my getaway driver,” joked @CPHamill. 

An absolutely amazing piece of trickery and let’s not pretend that doing it against Brazil – a country known around the world for their skill – doesn’t make it better. 

To do that against such revered opposition talks to a player of supreme confidence, someone able to elude the elite. 

Sadly for Colombia, it did not lead to anything meaningful as they drew 0-0 in Barranquilla. Still, given Brazil came into the game unbeaten during this campaign and having made the Copa America final, perhaps Reinaldo Rueda’s side can take heart. 

As it stands, they are only one point off the top four (which guarantees entry to Qatar 2022) behind Ecuador and Uruguay. 

If Diaz can keep pulling off this kind of magic, 

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