Tyson Fury's punch to knock down Deontay Wilder sounded absolutely brutal


A moment from Saturday’s heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder had fans in awe of the Brit’s punching power.

In what has already been named as one of the greatest boxing fights of all time, the two showcased their remarkable strength, grit and persistence to see the clash reach the 11th round despite both fighters being knocked down multiple times.

And there was a particular moment in the 10th round that had fans talking.

Fury fan @Raderecht02 shared a clip to Twitter captioned: “That thud. Fury can whack.”

The video shows the Englishman absorbing a body punch from a tiring Wilder, who then attempted to swing a left hook, which didn’t connect. Fury then immediately retaliated with a right hand to Wilder’s face, which sent the Bronze Bomber to his knees and clinging onto his 6ft9 opponent for stability.

The punch connected so loudly, you could almost feel it through the screen, and it’s no surprise it knocked the American to the canvas… just listen to the noise it made!

Wilder, however, was able to get back on his feet again and see out the remainder of the round, before falling victim to another vigorous right hand from Fury and consequently being knocked down to end the fight.

Following the fight, the Brit praised Wilder for his determination and desire to keep going, and even went over to the American’s corner to say “well done”, to which Wilder allegedly responded: “I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect.”

The win saw Fury’s record extended to a remarkable 30-0-1 and he even dubbed himself “the greatest heavyweight” of his era – a statement which few boxing fans could disagree with, especially after coming back from two knockdowns to convincingly dominate and defeat one of the hardest hitters of the past decade.



Yet, having now conquered so many top opponents, the question stands; What’s next for Fury?

Saturday’s fight only further established the star as being on another level to fellow heavyweights, so who is truly fit to face the Gypsy King?

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