Paul Pogba: When Jose Mourinho predicted the stunning pass Man Utd star would make vs Spurs

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho

The relationship between Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho was one of the most defining aspects of the latter’s reign in charge of Manchester United

On paper, it seemed like a good match. One of Europe’s elite midfielders, with a unique skillset few could match, was linking up with a serial winner in an attempt to restore United to former glories. 

While the partnership did yield some initial success, the two appeared to fall out with each other and, by the end, there had been some dramatic scenes at the training ground which appeared to show them embroiled in an argument. 

Mourinho, however, is clearly someone who admires Pogba’s talent. 



Whatever went on behind closed doors between the two, the Portuguese certainly didn’t doubt just how devastating Pogba can be on the ball when his Tottenham Hotspur side welcomed United to their home back in June 2020. 

At the time, Spurs were being filmed by the Amazon Prime cameras as part of the All or Nothing documentary. 

In one particular clip, Mourinho is seen talking to his players about what the Frenchman can do. 

“Every time Pogba has the ball, he will have the vision, he will have the quality of pass,” Mourinho tells his players. 

“So I can imagine Pogba from a position like that [pointing to an area in deep midfield] to get the ball and make a beautiful pass here [pointing to Marcus Rashford’s position on the wide left] for Rashford to go.” 

You can watch the clip below. 

Like clockwork, that is exactly what happens. 

Despite Mourinho telling his players to press Pogba, he is afforded time and space to play that exact pass. Luckily for Spurs, however, Rashford is eventually robbed of possession at the final moment.

Still, the video is indicative of a man who knows true talent when he sees it. 

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