PUBG New State: Footage Reveals Multiple Guns In Action

PUBG New State Footage Reveals Multiple Guns in Action

PUBG New State is a game many are getting very excited about and footage has surfaced on Twitter showing the multiple guns from the game in action.

It is some of the footage we have seen of the game and after watching it, despite it only being a snippet of gameplay, we can tell that it will get the PUBG community even more excited about its release.

We have not yet got a release date for this game yet, but many believe that it could be available to play as soon as October 2021.

The battle royale game is massively popular on PC and console, and so it will be really interesting to see how it will play on mobile and android when PUBG New States comes out.

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First footage of weapons in action in PUBG New State Revealed

Players will be very happy to see this footage surfacing on social media as the official PUBG New State gave gamers their first glimpse of weapons in the game.

The video showed three guns in action in some sort of a training range, and we could also see from this clip that the graphics look great for a mobile game.

The weapons we can see vary in classes and we see an assault rifle, light machine gun, and a submachine gun. The guns we see are:

  • The Vector
  • Beryl M762
  • M249

What is really good about the footage is the fact that you can see the amount of recoil each weapon has.

Of course all guns in the game vary when it comes to recoil, and from the three that PUBG New State show, we can see the recoil of the Vector and M249 is easy to deal with, but it looks a lot harder to deal with when using the Beryl M762 due to its rapid fire rate.

Hopefully we will see more videos like this revealed by PUBG New State, and the fact they have already released one also shows that the game must be quite close to completion.

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates around the game as it will be another battle royale game that looks set to generate a lot of success.

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