Valorant: Can I Block Other Players?

Can I block other players in Valorant?

Valorant has quickly become one of the biggest FPS multiplayer shooters in the industry, but can you block other players in-game?

With the Riot Games title being heavily reliant on communication between team members, there are often times where players will need to block others who may be toxic or offensive on the servers.

Here’s everything you need to know about blocking other players on Valorant.

Blocklists in online multiplayer games are not a new concept, with several major titles having already adopted the feature.

Another massive Riot title, League of Legends, has a block option, as does the popular eSport title Overwatch.

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How To Block Other Players on Valorant

How To Block Other Players on Valorant

Unfortunately, as of writing, you cannot block other players on Valorant. Blocklists are however something that the developers are considering, with Riot producer Sara Dadafshar saying as much on Reddit.

She noted: “This concept is something that gets brought up often, and we are very down to implement some safe version of it that won’t be abused, but keeps players protected as well.

“There’s been other competitive games that have tried to implement this feature, but at high elo, folks used the block list as a way of avoiding playing against certain individuals that they would not have a good time going up against.

“It’s a great way for folks to isolate certain individuals from queues, even though the intent of it is to ‘block/ignore’ the disruptive players who are tossing profanities and other inappropriate things into voice/chat.”

Despite the developers confirming that the changes are probably still a long while off, players can still report others for toxicity and mute them in chat.

There is currently no news publicly on when Riot will be implementing the changes to allow players to block users, as Dadafshar mentioned the company are looking at a way to bring in the feature without some users abusing and using the block feature to just stop themselves from facing players who are ‘better’ in-game rather than eliminating toxicity.

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