WWE Brock Lesnar: When R-Truth's made The Beast legitimately laugh in Raw segment


Brock Lesnar is not exactly known for his sense of humour, unless R-Truth is around!

The WWE superstar is an absolute mountain of a man, the kind of wrestler who looks like he has eaten other wrestlers in order to gain his power. 

Now a free agent, so not tethered to either Raw or SmackDown, he is preparing to go toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel for the WWE Universal Championship. 

He has held the big belt numerous times before, be it the Universal Championship or the WWE Championship. 

Back in 2020, he had the WWE Championship on his shoulder, and was readying for the Royal Rumble, which he intended to enter. 

Paul Heyman, his advocate, revealed that Brock would enter as No.1, and intended to run through the entire roster, ensuring that he did not have an opponent at WrestleMania. 

On Monday Night Raw, as a result, Heyman took to the ring and was interrupted by the 24/7 Champion R-Truth, to the disbelief of both Paul and Brock Lesnar.

It has been revealed since that Truth headed out without a script and was just told to do what he could to make Lesnar laugh.

R-Truth claimed that he had been asked out there by Paul Heyman - he hadn't - and he also claimed that John Cena was his childhood hero. Truth is 49. Cena is 44.


Brock had a smile on his face throughout, before Truth declared for the Rumble. That brought a laugh out of the champ and he went on to make him outright corpse. 

He said: "You may be a big, big, big man but I know you will go flying over that top rope, Paul Heyman!" Brock let out a hearty laugh, as Heyman explained it was his client who would be in the match, not him. 

Another laugh came as Truth then undeclared from the match, admitted that he wasn't listening and claimed that Heyman "talks a lot, it's like your mouth has got a motor on it."

One last gag was allowed, as Truth claimed Brock could take him to Sioux Falls City, rather than Suplex City. 

While doing his famous 'what's up' dance, Truth ate a clothesline and then an F5 from Brock Lesnar. Brock got the final word, too, picking up the mic and saying 'that's what's up', before leaving the ring. 

A properly all-time classic segment.  

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