The Rock WWE: When Dwayne Johnson got royally owned by Mick Foley on Raw


Mick Foley and The Rock always had amazing chemistry. 

The pair feuded numerous times throughout their respective WWE careers, and have had some classic segments on Raw too. 

They even teamed up to be The Rock and Sock Connection when Foley was portraying the character of Mankind. 

They have a storied history and it goes way, way back, with the two seemingly having a real respect and affection for each other, which makes this amazing 2003 moment all the more incredible. 

On an episode of Monday Night Raw in March of 2000, Foley was in the ring when The Rock, then WWE Champion, came out to the ring to a thunderous ovation. 

Foley was commissioner of the programme at the time and he held out his hand for a handshake, to greet the Great One.

Rock got on the mic and spoke about the history the pair had, citing all the matches they had had, listing "cage matches, ladder matches, I Quit matches, last man standing matches" and added, "The Rock says welcome back!"


Foley thanked him, and congratulated him for becoming a five-time WWE Champion. He also claimed it made him an elite champion, one of the greatest ever, and he ended it with a question: "I want to know one thing, how does that make you feel?"

The Rock put the microphone to his mouth and said "well, The Rock..." before being cut off, with Foley shouting "It doesn't matter how it makes you feel!"

The Rock had used "It doesn't matter" as a catchphrase throughout his run in the company and the swerve drew a huge reaction from the raucous crowd.

Foley rolled out of the ring and ran laps of the squared circle, chanting "Foley, Foley, Foley" as the crowd joined in, and The Rock even cracked a smile, and let out a laugh while the commissioner revelled in the glory of the moment.

With Rock genuinely at the top of his game in terms of mic work in 2000, this one was the promo equivalent of winning the WWE Championship. 

Well played, Mick! 

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