Roy Keane: Micah Richards showing Man Utd legend viral TikTok video is a classic

  • Rob Swan

Like the rest of us, Roy Keane probably never thought that he’d hit it off with Micah Richards when the former Manchester City defender joined Sky Sports a couple of years ago.

Everyone knows that Keane is a no-nonsense guy who gets angry at pretty much everything, so on-screen clashes between the ex-Manchester United captain and the jovial Richards appeared inevitable.

However, Richards is such a light-hearted, lovable personality that he managed to do the unthinkable: soften Keane and become friends.

Richards is the only pundit who knows he can get away with teasing Keano on camera.

The former England international recently trolled Keane by joking that he wasn’t a ‘proper midfielder’, unlike the Irishman’s old rival Patrick Vieira.

Keane saw the funny side because it was Richards. But his reaction would have been *very* different had it come from another pundit.

That’s just the effect Micah seems to have on people.


Roy Keane TikTok video went viral

Richards were even brave enough to show Keane a hilarious TikTok video that went viral on social media in early 2021.

The video showed a virtual Keane on FIFA 21 producing some of the game’s most flamboyant goal celebrations.

Watch it here:

It’s possible the least Roy Keane thing you can imagine.

Micah Richards shows Roy Keane viral TikTok video

But that didn’t deter Richards from showing Keane the video and the Premier League legend’s face was an absolute picture as he was watched.

Watch the clip here:

Even Graeme Souness, another of football’s iconic hard men, was filmed bursting out laughing as Keane sat there with a face like thunder.


Sky Sports’ decision to make Richards and Keane work alongside each other was an absolute masterstroke.


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