Championship Manager 01/02: How can I play game with today's squads?


Championship Manager is one of the best football-related video games of all time and produced some scintillating editions over the years.

The 01/02 edition of the game was highly popular at the time of its release and sold over 300,000 copies in the UK. 

After it was released for Windows and Mac in 2001, an Xbox version of the game came out in 2002. Six years later, Championship Manager 01/02 was released as freeware.

Twenty years since its release, the game has stood the test of time and is still played and updated regularly. 

What's more, is the fact that it can be played using the current squads, which is another cool reason why users will play it more often.

Now, how do you get this update? You can download the update from the original game and all the tools on the champman0102 forums.

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The Championship Manager series had several outstanding games throughout its time with the last edition being Championship Manager 17 in 2016. With Square Enix ceasing all gaming services, we may not see the release of a new one.

Football Manager is doing very well and is among the best football games around, but Championship Manager's legacy will be hard to match.

Championship Manager 01/02 is still hugely popular among gamers and the fact that it can be played using current squads will certainly propel more and more people to play it.



The past few weeks haven't been particularly good for football games with FIFA 22 and eFootball faring poorly from a public perspective, but this update to Championship Manager 01/02 is something that will be very well received.

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