Sebastian Vettel: 4-time champ addresses talk of political career after Formula 1 retirement


4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has been talking about life after Formula 1 and whether he would fancy dipping his toes in politics once he hangs up his racing gloves, in a wide-ranging interview with The Race.

The Aston Martin star has recently committed himself to be racing for his current team for next year and so there’s no immediate risk of losing the popular German from the field but, at the age of 34, he readily admits he’s nearer the end of his career now than the start of it.

As someone that has regularly stood up for social justice and ethical matters, some have suggested he might be a handy politician once he walks away from the Formula 1 paddock but, in the interview, he admits that such a career change wouldn’t really be of interest to him, and that he is open to ideas for that next step.

“Not being a fan of the media, I’m not sure politics would be the right place for me,” Vettel told The Race. “Look at my age and I’m not going to be around F1 for the next 10 years.

“For sure, I’m thinking about what might be next. I’m easily captured by passionate people even if it’s things I don’t currently have an interest in. I can easily grow a new passion.”

Vettel also discussed whether a move into punditry might be something he’d consider, following the likes of Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button and Damon Hill as former world champions who now impart their knowledge on watching audiences around the world.

He doesn’t rule it out completely, either, but feels as though he might want to be involved in F1 in a different capacity to that:


“For any sportsman or racing driver in the past, it’s been a big challenge to find something,” Vettel explained. “The easiest way would be to become a Sky reporter and find yourself in the same place for the next few years.

“I don’t see myself doing that but I love the sport and don’t want to turn my back on it and say ‘never again’.

“For sure, I’m thinking about other things. I have a family so it’s easy to have things to take care of when I retire.”

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