WWE: Brock Lesnar's absolutely savage insult to Heath Slater


Brock Lesnar can be an absolute savage. 

The WWE star is absolutely phenomenal in the ring and is the kind of wrestler who can intimidate with just a stare or a look. 

Now untethered after going unpicked in the draft, meaning he can appear on Raw or SmackDown, Brock is preparing to face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel. 

It remains to be seen how that match will go but it appears that he may well put Roman over, as he could be set for a lengthy break after the match, until the Royal Rumble in January. 

And we thought it'd be worth looking back on one of his most brutal moments on the microphone in the company!

Back in 2016, Heath Slater was still a free agent, after going unpicked in the WWE draft, and had christened himself "the hottest free agent in sports entertainment today". 

With Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman both in the ring, Slater appeared, insisting that he just needed to beat Brock to earn a contract on Raw. 

He then said that he had kids who depend on him, and was ready to go toe-to-toe with the Beast in order to put food on the table. 


Brock took the mic, a rare feat on Raw, and he said: "I've got kids too, man. Come on in here". 

He beckoned Heath into the ring, and added "I feel you, let's talk about your kids."

It seemed as though the pair had found some common ground, and that it was all about to come good for Heath. 

After a pause, though, Brock came out with "I don't give a s*** about your kids". The audience popped huge, and Lesnar told him he had two choices, to either walk out of the ring, or keep irritating him, leading to a potential beating. 

Heath tried to take Brock out but got hit by a clothesline, and Lesnar then slammed him twice with two suplexes, and an F5, before literally kicking Heath out of the ring. 


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