Rust November 2021 Update: Patch Notes, Fixes and Everything You Need To Know

Rust is one of the most popular survival games currently on Steam.

Rust has moved to it’s monthly update for November and we have all of the details that have been released by the developers so far.

Facepunch Studios introduced the first iteration of any form of mission system to the third-person shooter last month where players were able to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) with objectives to complete to earn wwards.

This was implemented towards newcomers of the game that are trying to get up to speed, along with all-new PvP missions and bounty hunting tasks.

But what will we see in November? Will we get more of the same? Or will we see something from Facepunch that we haven’t seen before?

Scroll down to see everything you need to know about Rust November update:

Rust November 2021 Update Patch Notes

Rust screenshot.

Via Facepunch’s official website, here are the patch notes for November:

MLRS Aiming Module

How To Use

1. First you’ll need to acquire an MLRS Aiming Module which can be found in locked hackable crates and one to twelve MLRS rockets that are found in elite, APC and Attack helicopter crates.

2. Interact with the back of the MLRS and insert your rockets.

3. Get in the MLRS and open the Aiming Module slot, and insert your aiming module, which will activate the weapon systems.

4. Interact with the targeting screen and set your desired target.

5. Press button to fire. The MLRS will shoot all the rockets you have loaded, and break down for 10 minutes (or whatever the brokenDownMinutes console variable is set to).


  • Added MLRS
  • Adding 4 desert military base monuments
  • Added MLRS Ammo
  • Added MLRS Targeting module item


  • Undo Redo support for painting
  • Search option when browsing shops at marketplace
  • Can now loot items in campervan storage while it’s on a lift
  • Can now use hand gestures while crouching (doesn’t apply to dances)
  • New entity.downloadsign convar downloads sign data to the game folder in png form (admin only)
  • Reduced horse dung
  • Added “hits” to combat log (how many previous objects a projectile has hit)
  • Added “integrity” to combat log (how much of its maximum damage % a projectile did)
  • Added “travel” to combat log (the time a projectile has traveled for)
  • Added “mismatch” to combat log (how much the client trajectory differs from the server trajectory.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Too close to monument” errors appearing when other placement problems were to blame
  • Diving mask UI is now lit better while underwater in daytime
  • Fixed screen overlays (Diving goggles, heavy plate helmet) being affected by UI scale
  • Player inventory doesn’t open up for a frame when a player is looted in a demo
  • Fixed tool cupboard stacking using table deployable
  • Fixed multiple rock terrain gaps
  • Fixed various TC stacking methods
  • Fixed a small gap in armored door double’s hatch
  • Fixed armored door inconsistent hatch LODs behaviour
  • Fixed bonkers AO map on wooden doors gibs
  • Fixed foundation.steps.stone wrong gibs assigned
  • Blocked double jump through gas station extension ceiling
  • Fixed Player IO ent button LODs kicking in way too soon
  • Fixed floating decor in water_well_a
  • Fixed grass missing in front of supermarket
  • Fixed floating electric wire at stables_a
  • Fixed missing keypad on compound farming vending machine
  • Fixed a hole by Military tunnels mine entrance rocks
  • Fixed inaccurate shadow proxies of lighthouse
  • Fixed multiple deployment issues with beachchair

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