Rory Delap throw: Premier League goalkeeper once gave away corner instead


There’s just nothing quite like the Premier League, is there?

Well certain arguments can be tabled with regards to it being ‘the greatest league in the world’, there can be no disputing the fact that we miss it terribly while it’s gone.

As international breaks drag on and on after summer breaks that seemed never ending, all we really want is Premier League football.

The drama, the heartache, the joy, the jaw-dropping escapades of some of the finest footballers on the planet? Inject it into our veins.

However, it is not just the remarkable theatre of it all that we live for as, every now and then, the English top fight coughs up a quirk that will live on in the fine print of the history books for a very long time.

One of the greatest of those oddities came when Stoke City were promoted to the big time under the guidance of Tony Pulis, bringing with them their own brand of buccaneering, belligerent football.


Knowing they couldn’t match the style and guile of some of the superpowers in the league, Stoke chose instead to hone a not-so-secret weapon that would soon cause untold damage in the league.

That weapon? The Rory Delap throw-in, of course.

The former Irish star had one heck of a chuck on him and, whenever the ball went out in the attacking third, Delap would wind up and absolutely yeet the ball right into the heart of the danger zone.

Even when they knew exactly what was coming, the Delap throw would cause mass carnage and panic among the opposing defensive ranks as Stoke’s attackers flexed their physicality to get on the end of anything and everything.

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And so, as the Delap throw gained notoriety, opposing teams took it upon themselves to do everything in their power to avoid conceding throws in attacking areas.

No one, however, took that mandate more seriously than one Boaz Myhill.

Finding himself under pressure at the back and with no way out but to clear the ball into the stands, the Hull City goalkeeper, not wanting to deal with Delap induced anarchy, chose instead to concede a corner.

That’s right, instead of kicking the ball out the side of the pitch, Boaz turned and spannered the ball straight out the back, unashamedly admitting that a corner was the lesser of two evils.

It has become one of the more obscure’ iconic moments’ in Premier League history but that certainly makes it no less entertaining.

With Delap at the peak of his powers at the time, you can hardly blame Myhill for taking that option in the end.

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