Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes star could be hit with further blows after Turkish Grand Prix


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has failed to rule out the prospect of further engine penalties for Lewis Hamilton between now and the end of this season.

In a bid to improve costs, Formula 1 has been pretty strict on engine changes and has limited teams to three without sanction during a season – a season that is going to comprise of 22 gruelling races.

Indeed, many teams have fallen foul of the regulations and have changed more than three times, prompting grid penalties, and Hamilton and Mercedes were one of the latest to face that at the Turkish Grand Prix at the weekend, with him dropping ten spots after changing a part of his power unit – the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE for short.)

The hope, of course, will be that he can now run the rest of the season without further issues but there are still plenty of miles to put on the clock between now and the final chequered flag in Abu Dhabi in December, and Wolff has said there’s obviously a chance that further component changes could be needed:

“It [fourth ICE] can last until the end of the season but there could be a moment where we say is it worth taking a fresh one because the other one is still at risk,” said Wolff to Sky Sports.

“So this is something that is going to be really a work in progress.”


It’s just another juggling act for the teams to deal with in the championship this season and we’ve seen both Verstappen and Hamilton now have to change parts over the allowed three and therefore have to deal with penalties.

Hopefully, the rest of this season can be decided by pure pace and driving skill, but we’ll have to see if that is what we’re going to get.

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