Kane: WWE legend practising his gimmick before debut in rare footage


Glenn Jacobs, better known to many as Kane, is one of the best and most iconic professional wrestlers of all time. He was fortunate enough to enjoy one hell of a stint with WWE, before moving into politics in more recent times.

He joined the company back in 1995 as 'Mike Unabomb,' before switching to Isaac Yankem and later Kane, which has been his ring name for almost a quarter of a century.

A few months back, rare footage of Jacobs emerged, in which he is practising his gimmick Kane ahead of his debut.

In the video, he can be seen practising his finishing manoeuvre the Tombstone Piledriver, as well as his famous signature of sitting up from the canvas after appearing to be out for the count.

Kane has enjoyed quite an impressive professional career, having won the WWE Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship 12 times. Not only that, though, he can also claim to be a WWE Grand Slam champion, winning the Intercontinental Championship and the Hardcore Championship.

He also forged an iconic alliance with his 'brother' The Undertaker, known as The Brothers of Destruction.

Jacobs was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame this April as part of the Class of 2021, and rightfully so.

In the last few years, Kane's appearances in the ring have been sporadic due to his political obligations as the Mayor of Knox County, a position he assumed in 2018.

A year after assuming office, he appeared on RAW and won the 24/7 Championship, the only title under his real name. His last WWE appearance till date came last month on SmackDown.

Given his political career, there is every chance of us not seeing Kane on WWE as frequently as we used to.



However, as long as he doesn't announce his retirement officially, there's always a chance he'll come back... we all know what WWE is like.

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