Lionel Messi: Young fan named after Cristiano Ronaldo made brilliant sign for PSG star

  • Kobe Tong

Lionel Messi is adored by millions of football fans around the world.

It's only natural that when you become arguably the greatest player that the planet's most popular sport has ever seen that you're going to be recognised no matter where you go in public.

Besides, there are no doubt thousands of people around the world who have never watched a single game of football in their life, but would still recognise Messi if he passed them in the street.

Messi's celebrity status

As such, it hardly comes as a surprise when footage of Messi making public appearances either on football duties or in his own time always features throngs of people trying to get to him.

The Paris Saint-Germain star must need a huge team of security to ensure that he isn't instantly enveloped by adoring fans who want to take a photograph with him or simply shake his hand.

And the love for Messi is palpable whenever he returns to South America on Argentina duties with hardly a single World Cup qualifier going by without a pitch invader trying to meet him.

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Love for Messi in South America

Plus, there have been more than a few fan interactions whenever the Argentina players walk from the team hotel to coach, which is so often an occasion for fans to gather to see their heroes.

From Messi signing a fan's incredible tattoo to stopping security from taking away a young fan, the last year alone has seen the Barcelona legend show brilliant class to his South American fans.

And one of those adoring supporters clearly tried to catch Messi's eye in a unique way this week with a photograph emerging of someone holding up a Cristiano Ronaldo-related sign. 

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Young fan's brilliant sign

Gastón Edul of TyC Sports uploaded an amusing snap of the young supporter displaying a sign addressed to Messi apologising on behalf of his mother for apparently being named 'Cristiano'.

According to ESPN, the young fan is indeed named after Ronaldo and the sign translates to: "Messi, forgive my mum, she didn't know what she was doing, SHE CALLED ME CRISTIANO."

TyC Sports also reported, via ESPN, that the young Cristiano is an 11-year-old youth player for Racing Club and that he travelled with his father to meet him at the national team's training ground.

Sadly, though, the strict COVID-19 guidelines at Ezeiza meant that the meeting wasn't to be.


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A name change in the offing?

It's hard not to love the idea of somebody being such a fan of Messi that they're even resentful, albeit probably jokingly, that they share the same first name as his eternal rival.

However, as much as the photographed fan might wish they were instead named 'Lionel', boasting the name as one of the greatest goalscorers that football has ever seen isn't a bad silver medal.

Or if that's enough, then perhaps it's time to check the deed poll rules over in South America...



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