Valorant Alternatives You Can Play On Nintendo Switch

Here's some Valorant alternatives on Nintendo Switch

Valorant is not a game that can be purchased for Nintendo Switch, but what alternatives are there on the console for the massive FPS shooter?

There are a number of titles that players can get a hold of that bear resemblance to the massively growing eSport, and we’ve put together a list for you here.

Here’s the full list of games that you should check out if you want to have a Valorant-like experience on the Nintendo Switch.

Rogue Company

Although Rogue Company is a predominantly third-person experience, the loadouts, buy phase and general Battle Royale style of the game has a lot in common with Valorant.

That, and it is arguably one of the most underrated battle royale games on the market right now, is free-to-play, and is much better than Fortnite (I’ll take cheque thanks Hi-Rez).

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Rogue Company


This is arguably even closer in scope to Valorant and is an eSport powerhouse in its own right. With the launch of Overwatch 2 coming in 2022, it’s a great time to try and get this title, which sadly isn’t free, for a sale price of between £10-20 on the Nintendo e-Shop sporadically throughout the year.

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Apex Legends

Another title that is a great alternative for Switch players is Apex Legends. This is also a free-to-play title and focuses on a first-person perspective.

The ‘Legends’ system in Apex is pretty close to Valorant, but Apex Legends was actually released prior to the Riot Games title.

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Apex Legends


This is probably the closest you can get to a Valorant experience on the Nintendo Switch, even to the point that many players have branded it a “rip-off” of the Riot Games IP.

Players can choose Heroes that have different abilities to play as in-game, which bears pretty close resemblance to Valorant’s Agents system.

Oh, and Paladins is free-to-play, so this is probably the best title to pick up if you’re looking for Valorant on a Nintendo Switch.

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