WWE legend Rey Mysterio pinpoints peak moment of his amazing career


Rey Mysterio has been there and done everything in WWE.

The masked luchador is arguably one of the greatest masked wrestlers of all time, and has torn it up throughout his various runs with the company.

He is perhaps best known for his runs on SmackDown, although he has also won titles on Raw, and he is now teaming with his son, Dominick, in another great angle on the main roster. 

Indeed, Rey has a laundry list of accomplishments in the company, from the early 2000s through to 2021.

He is a one-time WWE Champion, a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a three-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a four-time WWE Tag Team Champion, a two-time United States Champion and a one-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion.

And he has now revealed that the first time he won the World Heavyweight Championship remains the peak of his career.

Of course, Rey won the Royal Rumble in 2006 and went on to face Kurt Angle and Randy Orton for the big gold belt at WrestleMania.


Rey’s victory came just months after the death of his close friend Eddie Guerrero, and Mysterio has confirmed that he felt he had finally made it once he had the championship around his waist.

Speaking on the Kurt Angle Show, as per Wrestling Inc, Mysterio said:

"Incredible, that was the peak moment of my career. That’s when, okay, you have changed the sport. You have opened up the doors, and that was all thanks to the opportunities that I go to work to be able to prove to Vince and to the people in charge with the pen and paper that I am able to attract a different crowd. I can have fans back me up and believe in me, same with Eddie and Chris.

"For so long, they were waiting for them to become champions, and that moment came and it changed the industry forever. Same thing happened with me, and I’m really, truly blessed to have been given that opportunity. Not only that, but to have been able to share that moment with [Kurt Angle] and Randy [Orton], who are two of my favorites."

Rey is still going on SmackDown, which you can watch on BT Sport in the UK!

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