Fury vs Wilder: Bob Arum 'completely wrong' for outburst towards Kate Abdo

Kate Abdo Bob Arum

A clip of boxing promoter Bob Arum recently went viral after he criticised presenter Kate Abdo during a press conference between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

The 89-year-old was surrounded by journalists when he made a foul-mouthed remark during an outburst directed at Abdo.

Arum has since come out and apologised for his behaviour and admitted he was “completely wrong”.

Tensions were high during the final press conference between Wilder and Fury as the two heavyweights trash talked each other. 

Abdo, who was acting as the moderator for the conference, called for a stare-down between the boxers. But Arum was quick to intervene and prevented the men from facing off as they approached each other.

Wilder Fury

“They bring this woman in from the UK and she’s slanting all the press conference to Wilder,” Arum said on the night.

“I don’t give a damn but it’s obvious that’s what she was doing. She knew that the understanding was no face-off … we said no face-off, and what does she say? ‘Now we’re going to do a face-off’.

“F*** her and f*** them. There was no face-off and we saved the fight.”

Abdo took to Twitter after the outburst and wrote that she felt disappointed to be “disrespected by someone I respect.

“But that’s life, not everyone will give you the courtesy you deserved,” she signed off.

Arum has since doubled down on his outburst and apologised to Abdo. He explained the confusion surrounding the stare-down in a YouTube interview with iFL TV.

“As far as Kate is concerned, I was completely wrong,” he said. “We had made a deal with the producer televising the weigh-in and the deal was made on behalf of Top Rank and PBC and the producer agreed no stare-down.

“And when she called for a stare-down, particularly after seeing the animosity, verbally, at that press conference, I exploded but it wasn’t her fault.”

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He then explained it was in fact the producer who had decided on a last-minute stare-down, which was relayed to Abdo through her earpiece. 

Arum conceded he directed his frustrations at the wrong person entirely before lauding Abdo as a “terrific commentator.”

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