WWE: When John Cena and Alberto Del Rio wrestled the weirdest tag team match on Raw


Back in 2011, Monday Night Raw featured one of the weirdest tag team matches WWE has ever seen. 

With John Cena and Alberto Del Rio locked in a feud over the WWE Championship, Raw emanated from Mexico City, in a taped show. 

The company had installed John Laurinaitis as Raw's general manager, and he opened the show by cutting a promo and booking JR and Cena v Cole and Del Rio. 

It actually isn't completely clear why this was the case, but it was scheduled to be the main event. 

The match itself is just as odd as you would expect. 

Now, before we go on, it's worth saying here that Cole was a heel at the time, and JR, of course, a babyface. Cole snivels and whines his way through his in-ring segments in the match which is, at least, in keeping with his character. The commentators, really, are only there for the finish. 

The match starts with JR hitting Cole around the head to a pop before Cena and Del Rio mix it up for real. Both of these guys can go and they always had excellent chemistry when they were paired together.

The crowd in Mexico is largely behind Del Rio, which is no surprise, given that he's their returning hero in his native country. 


After the pair trade a couple of near falls and Cena hits a comeback - you know the one - Del Rio makes an interesting move: He tags Michael Cole into the match and disappears. 

Cena lifts him over the top rope, and Cole begs off, to the point of nearly crying in the middle of the ring. 

Cole reaches out his hand to shake Cena's, and Cena grabs it, tugs him in for an Attitude Adjustment and leaves him lying. 

John Cena then thinks about locking in the STF submission but tags in JR instead, and he performs an ankle lock, forcing Cole to submit. 

There isn't much time to celebrate, though, as Del Rio tries to drag Cena out of the ring to attack him but eats an AA, to pretty raucous booing from the crowd.

Cena continues the post-match beatdown, with one eye on the pay-per-view that's to come: the two were booked for a Last Man Standing match at Vengeance, so Cena hit Del Rio with the steel steps, and then counted to 10 on the mic. 

Indeed, that weekend, Del Rio won, as the tag team of R-Truth and The Miz interfered to help Del Rio put Cena down for the 10 count. 

A wild time. 

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