Jamie Carragher tells Man City fan to ‘shut up’ for talking too much on The Overlap

  • Rob Swan

Jamie Carragher told a Manchester City fan to “shut up” for talking too much during the latest episode of The Overlap with Gary Neville.

The Liverpool legend debated various topics alongside Neville and Paul Scholes ahead of the return of the Premier League this weekend.

The retired players-turned-pundits were discussing with an audience of football fans whether Jack Grealish has been a good signing for Man City so far when Carragher snapped.

The City fan, Steven McInerney from the Esteemed Kompany podcast, expressed his views to the panel and exchanged thoughts with Carragher and Scholes.

Carragher questioned whether spending £100 million on Grealish was necessary when City were seemingly crying out for a centre-forward. Scholes, on the other hand, claimed that Pep Guardiola has never relied on traditional strikers throughout his glittering managerial career.


Carragher tells Man City fan to shut up

Steven, who clearly knows his stuff when it comes to Man City, continued to talk when Carragher suddenly shouted: “Will you f***ing shut up? F***ing hell! He never stops talking!”


Carragher added: “I’ve got to be home in 20 minutes!”

Steven, looking bemused by the former defender’s outburst, made the panel laugh by replying: “Well, f*** off, then!”


Sky initially tweeted out the clip but have since taken it down.

It can be watched here:

You can also watch the full clip (17:45 in the video) here:

Steven tweeted: “Not gonna lie, was genuinely baffled by that Carragher moment. Was just having a good old chat, trying to be as measured as possible.”

He added: “Fwiw, i dont think he was actually trying to offend me. Think he was just trying to have a laugh, but sorta just got the tone wrong. He took me telling him to f*** off really well.”

As you can probably imagine, there’s been a fair amount of reaction to the clip on Twitter.

Quite a few people felt that Carragher’s outburst was rather harsh, even if it was intended as a joke.


Carragher is a fantastic pundit – one of the best in the business – with football knowledge that’s off the scale.

But he clearly felt that poor old Steven was rambling and decided to intervene.

Part II of this episode of The Overlap should be interesting!


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