Mike Tyson highlights how psychedelics actually helped to end his 'party days'


One of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, has credited his use of marijuana and magic mushrooms on his journey to finding God and giving up partying.

The boxing legend was notorious throughout his career for living an outlandish ‘party animal’ lifestyle, and it continued long into the star’s retirement.

However, Tyson was hit with a swift reality check in January 2007 when he was arrested for drunk driving, as well as possession of cocaine - and this was enough to make the former champion change his ways.

In a bid to turn his life around in 2016, and after some excessive weight gain, Tyson vowed to ditch the drugs and alcohol. This was around the time he had started using weed and psychedelics.

Iron Mike addressed the matter with Forbes, and said: “You see how much my life changed five years ago? I was a junkie five years ago

I didn’t even think I could survive. Then I got introduced to animal and plant medicine


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The 55-year-old is now living a much happier and healthier lifestyle, so much so that he even stepped back into the ring last year for an exhibition fight with former rival Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson also commented on how the use of psychedelics helped him with his faith and beliefs, he said:

“It’s hard to really articulate it from my perspective, but psychedelics helped me assume my relationship with God.


“I don’t use it for recreation. I’m not a recreational user. This stuff is only done from a spiritual perspective.

“We go to ceremonies, you know. We have to bear witness and be humble.”

And it seems as though ‘Kid Dynamite’ still isn’t finished with the sport which he dominated for so many years, as it is rumoured he is looking to agree a deal with former three-time world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.

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