FIFA 22: What Is The No Loss Glitch?

Here is everything you need to know about the No Loss Glitch in FIFA 22

The FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch has been causing huge issues for players online, but what exactly is it?

Several gamers have taken to social media to lament about the glitch and how it is ruining their online experience with the new EA Sports title.

Here's everything you need to know about the No Loss Glitch in FIFA 22.

The No Loss Glitch was seemingly discovered, or at least made public by TikTok user SkillzApex. The player would rage quit a FIFA 22 FUT Champs qualification match, and they showed how they did so without taking a loss on their Ultimate Team record.

Even after conceding a goal and looking like they were heading towards defeat, SkillzApex revealed what players could do to avoid a loss by utilizing the No Loss Glitch.

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FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch

No Loss Glitch FUT Champions

The main use for the Glitch that players have been utilizing (although we strongly suggest that you DO NOT try it unless you want to get banned by EA in future) is to get quick qualification for the FUT Champions mode.

EA has since confirmed that they have patched out the issue and will be going through accounts to determine who has been abusing the No Loss Glitch exploit. They said: "Earlier today (Friday October 16th 2021), we resolved an issue in FUT Champions that could allow players to leave a match without suffering a loss.

"We are identifying players that exploited this issue and will be following up with them directly."

It remains to be seen how EA will be "dealing" with the accounts that have exploited the glitch, however, it will likely be device bans on console and potentially account bans on PC.

The No Loss Glitch does appear to have now been patched out of the game, however, players may be able to still find an exploit.

As mentioned though, it's really not worth doing, even if you're looking to get a head start in FUT Champions to advance to Tier 1, because EA will be putting sanctions on players and accounts that they deem have gamed the system to try and get an unfair advantage.

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