FIFA 22: How To Tell a 88+ Pack Walkout in Ultimate Team (Complete Guide)

Here's everything you need to know about 88+ Pack Walkout in FIFA 22

The best moment of opening FIFA 22 packs in Ultimate Team is getting a massively rated walkout, but how can you tell if an 88+ rated player is going to appear?

Pack 'luck' is one of the biggest talking points among the FUT community, but a Redditor has seemingly figured out a way to tell if your walkout player is going to be highly rated.

Here's everything you need to know about 88+ player walkouts in FIFA 22.

Being able to judge what sort of player you're going to be getting during a pack opening can save some disappointing moments in-game.

Unless EA decides to make changes to the walkouts in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in a patch, it looks like this could be the definitive way to figure out exactly what level of player you're getting when you open a pack.

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How To Tell a Walkout Rating in FIFA 22

The 'tell' was confirmed by Redditor u/abbytarar, who noted that the flames that can be seen during the walkout give away the rating of the player that is about to appear. They said: "If you don’t know already; if the flames in the middle go up, it's a walkout.

"However, if the player is 87 or LOWER the middle flames will go off alone for a second and then will be followed by the flames on the sides. If the player is 88 rated or HIGHER all of the 6 flames go off at the exact same time."

The Redditor also explained that there is a method to discovering the player rating after another user suggested that "it's not like you have enough time to react to it [the pack animation] anyways."

u/abbytarar replied: "Once you start noticing the difference it does become clearer. 2 flames at once vs 6 flames at once looks super different, but only once you start noticing it."

Either way, it is still worth remembering when you're opening packs that if you see the Argentinian flag and the PSG might be Angel Di Maria and not Lionel Messi!

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