Valorant: Who Is The Voice Actor for Jett?

Who is the voice actor for Jett in Valorant?

Jett is one of the most popular Agents in Valorant, but who exactly is the voice actor behind one of the most characters in the game?

Fans have made sure that Jett is one of the most picked Agents in the history of the popular FPS shooter, and the voice behind the character is also a well-known streamer in her own right.

Here’s everything you need to know about the voice actor behind Valorant’s Jett.

The agile South Korean Agent is best known for her smokescreen, dash, and an ultimate which gives her a set of perfectly accurate knives that have taken the eSports scene by storm.

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Jett Valorant

Who Is The Voice Actor for Jett?

Jett is voiced by Shannon Arrum Williams. The voice behind the Agent is a British-South Korean singer and actress. Williams made her debut as a solo artist in December 2014 with the single Daybreak Rain.

The singer originally rose to fame as a teen in the K-pop scene. Williams took part in several television shows in Korea, including Star King, Hidden Stinger 2 and 3, Immortal Songs 2, My Neighbour Charles, and the hit TV reality show K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance.

Voicing Jett was actually the first work as a voice actor that Williams ever took on; this also goes for Naomi Yang, who voices Sage in the game.

Williams has a large following on her Twitch channel, with over 270,000 subscribers. The singer will do streams where she plays Valorant sporadically, whilst also playing titles such as Among Us and Sea of Thieves.

Zach Betka, the Senior Narrative Writer at Riot Games, revealed why they chose the singer to voice the character before the release of the game in 2020. He said: “Shannon not only brought a cultural authenticity to the character but a demographic authenticity.

“She walked in on day one of our session already a hardcore FPS player, we didn’t have to do any work onboarding her to the type of game we were making

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