Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Patch Notes Revealed

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Patch Notes Revealed

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will go live on 20th October 2021 and we have all the patch notes you need to know ahead of this huge update.

There is bound to be a lot more content in season 9 than other seasons due to the fact that there is a huge Halloween event.

Those in the Call of Duty community who want to know all that is coming in season 9 need to look at the patch notes as they reveal all.

The Call of Duty Mobile developers are open and transparent with players of the game, so there will most likely not be any secrets or surprises around season 9.

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Patch Notes For Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

The patch notes were revealed at 11AM on Monday 18th October 2021, and were gathered from the official Call of Duty Mobile News site

Multiplayer Mode:

(New Multiplayer Map – Sawmill)

  • The classic series map sawmill is officially added to the map library! Warriors will fight around the burning sawmill in the valley villages. The sawmill in the center of the map may have fierce firefights both indoors and outdoors at any time. Various weapons can find their own space on this map. Warriors try to use side roads and terrain, try to control this map!

(Return of Multiplayer Map – Standoff Halloween)

  • Halloween Town will return during Halloween, come and join this annual Halloween Carnival!

(New multiplayer mode – Dropzone)

  • The classic series mode has returned strongly. While occupying the position, compete for the airdrop box on the field and start a fierce battle.
  • Rules:

1. 5v5 battle, use airdrop weapons to grab the airdrop zone , Occupy the airdrop area to get points.
2. Airdrops can produce a variety of kill streaks.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will be released on 20th October 2021
  • Make yourself and your teammates return to full health immediately, and gain an additional 50 health points within the activation time.

Battle Royale Mode:

(New Survival Chip – Nitrogen Chip)

  • Provides a professional chip that can fight in a high-frequency vertical position.

(Active Skills): Jet Pack

  • Get a large amount of nitrogen energy upper limit and jet recovery speed; click the jump button to trigger the jet jump, press and hold or click the jump in the air, you can quickly consume the continuous jet strip according to the time you hold down the jump button , Consumption can continue to increase the height of the air. In the air jet state, waist shot fire/aim fire is allowed, and the air jet state can be manually turned off to trigger the flying squirrel suit.

(Passive Skills): Jet Jump

  • Obtain basic high jump ability, consume nitrogen to allow multiple jumps.

New weapons:


  • Four shot rifle, long range, low damage attenuation, with one-round lethal ability, and can adapt to full-range combat.
  • Equipped with long sword bullets, four rounds can be replaced with five rounds, recoil and bullet emission are greatly reduced, but one round of lethal ability is more demanding.


  • Brand new secondary weapon, equipped with grenade launcher, medium power, less ammunition.
Some New Weapons Are Coming To Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

(New Tactical Equipment – Flash Drone)

  • Send the flash drone to the front, and all enemies who see the drone will be obstructed.

Undead Siege Changes:

(Map adjustment)

  • The map of the besieged city has been updated, and the location of the base will be moved to the northern part of the border as a whole.

(New task-escort task)

  • Dempsey encountered danger in the ether crystal gathering, hurry up and escort him and the truck full of ether crystals back to the base!

(Mutant Skill Adjustment)

  • Heavy Hammer: The ground-pounding skill can now knock the player into the air.
  • Fury: Stomping skills can now temporarily disable towers.

(Illustration Adjustment)

  • Added monster and defensive tower illustration books. Players can gradually unlock information and stories about defensive towers and monsters by completing small tasks.

Optimization and adjustment

(Multiplayer mode and survival mode)

CR-56 AMAX (equipped with M67 magazine):

  • Reduced the range, the first range was adjusted from 36M to 30M, and the second range was adjusted from 51M to 42.5M
  • Reduced the damage on the upper arm from 62 to 48
  • After a small increase in vertical Seat force


  • Increased the basic movement speed of the prototype gun from 0.6 to 0.65
  • Increased the reload speed of the prototype gun from 3 to 2.5
  • Increased the basic bullet speed of the multiplayer mode from 600 to 900
  • [Heavy long barrel]-Reduced the
  • negative movement speed Reduced the effect from 4% to -2%
  • .300 RTC-30 rounds magazine: Replaced the bomb speed increase with a silencer effect; lifting speed -8% → -3%
  • .300 RTC-double-row 40 rounds magazine: Replaced bomb speed increase with silence effect; added bomb reload speed +10%; movement speed -2% → -1%
  • Fixed the problem that the general accuracy increase in survival mode did not take effect for M13


  • Reduce the horizontal recoil of the prototype gun-Reduce the waist shot dispersion of the prototype gun from 0.08 to 0.06, reduce the minimum 0.15 to 0.14
  • Increase the damage of the upper body: Arm 26 increased to 28 Chest 28 increased to 31 Head 31 increased to 33
  • Archer’s Long Barrel: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% to -8%
  • Ranger Long Barrel: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% to -6%
  • Assault Stock: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% Increased to -6%
Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will be called Nightmare


  • The first stage range of the prototype gun has been increased from 10 to 14


  • Prototype gun damage increased from 25-22-20-19 to 28-24-20-19
  • Prototype gun movement speed increased from 1.04 to 1.06
  • Prototype gun mirror lifting speed increased from 0.448 to 0.4
  • After prototype gun Seat Force Adjustment
  • Reduced the movement speed of the 50-round magazine from -1% to -1.5%
  • Reduced the movement speed of the 60-round magazine from -1.5% to -2.5%


  • Adjust the recoil force of the prototype gun to make it more controllable during continuous firing

Special Skills – Disabled:

  • After adding special skills for rifles and machine guns equipped with disabling, you can hit any part of the enemy to cause a slowing effect

(Survival Mode)


  • Reduced prototype gun damage from 30-24-16-15 to 25-21-18-16


  • Increased the vertical recoil of the first shotby 50%-Bullet dispersion during continuous shooting, and increased by 35% at the start of the second shot
  • Fixed the bug that SKS bullets do not require flight time in survival mode

(Serial Kill Skills)

Sam Anti-Aircraft Missile:

  • The explosion damage of the Sam anti- aircraft missile has been greatly increased from 198 to 385
  • The score of the Sam anti-aircraft missile has been slightly reduced from 850 to 660.

Bomb Airplane Group:

  • Slightly increase the effective number of small aircraft generated by the Bomb Airplane Group from 4 to 6


  • Reduced the score of Napalm from 1500 to 1190

Rapid bombing:

  • Slightly reduced the score of rapid air strikes from 1050 to 850
  • Increased missile explosion range from 10 meters to 15 meters

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