WWE: Remembering Roman Reigns' and Brock Lesnar's tug of war over the WWE title


WWE have run the Roman Reigns v Brock Lesnar feud a fair few times now.

We are heading into Thursday’s Crown Jewel show, with The Head of the Table set to take on The Beast for the WWE Universal Championship in Saudi Arabia.

Reigns, of course, is doing the character work of his career right now and is as dominant a superstar as the company has ever seen.

He has been Universal Champion since August of 2020, meaning he has held the belt for over a year at this point.

He shows no signs of dropping the title any time soon, either, and there is an expectation that he will be able to beat Brock Lesnar and keep hold of the title, likely into 2022 and maybe beyond.

They also feuded back in 2015, ahead of WrestleMania 31.

Brock Lesnar went into that pay-per-view with the WWE Championship around his waist; Roman earned the right to face The Beast by winning the Royal Rumble.

With the build centering around Roman’s ability to actually face Brock amid a fan backlash surrounding the exclusion of Daniel Bryan from the main event, Reigns faced Bryan at Fastlane, with the winner set to wrestle Brock. 


Roman won that match, of course, and was given a handshake by Bryan to certify that he had earned his way into the match.

And on the go-home episode of Raw, Brock and Roman met in the centre of the ring, with a staredown escalating into a physical confrontation.

However, instead of the two trading punches, they each grabbed hold of the belt, and attempted to tug it away from the other.

It was a bizarre visual, and one that ultimately did nothing for either man, as Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank contract during the WrestleMania match to win the title, in one of the most historic WrestleMania moments ever.

Still, we can’t get the image of Brock and Roman playing tug of war over the belt out of our heads.

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