WWE: Remembering Brock Lesnar's rampage on prized Cadillac as Seth Rollins looked on


Back in 2015, Seth Rollins was perhaps the hottest thing in WWE.

The Architect had cashed in his Money In The Bank contract during the WrestleMania main event, making history in the process.

He became the first man ever to interrupt an ongoing match to cash in, and also the first to do so during a Mania main event.

That main event was between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, and Seth Rollins pinned his former Shield brother to win the WWE Championship and end the pay-per-view on one of the most shocking swerves ever booked.

It made sense, then, that in the aftermath, Brock Lesnar placed a target on Seth Rollins’ back as he looked to win back the championship he was never pinned to lose.

And it led to an iconic moment on Raw when Brock went on the rampage.

Seth was still being protected by both Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, known as J&J Security.

On the July 6, 2015 episode of Raw, Seth was in the ring and being flanked by his lackies, when Brock came out.

At the top of the entranceway, J&J Security had parked their prized red Cadillac.

Paul Heyman wheeled over a box of toys, and Brock found two fire axes, then went to work on the car.


He left one axe in the door – actually inside it, such was the force of the hit – and smashed windows, dented the door, and then, with his bare hands, ripped the back door off and threw it away.

Mercury and Noble had seen enough and tried to attack, with Noble landing a 4x4 shot on Lesnar, but Brock locked in the Kimura Lock on Jamie Noble on the car, kayfabe breaking his arm.

Mercury, by comparison, got thrown on the car and then suplexed onto the hood.

Brock then hit the ring but Seth Rollins sprinted away, leaving the WWE Championship in the ring, which Brock then posed with.

At Battleground, the next pay-per-view, Seth managed to keep his belt by the skin of his teeth, as The Undertaker interfered to hit Brock with a low blow, a chokeslam and a couple of tombstone piledrivers.

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