Boxing: Mike Tyson’s son showed off some impressive speed and power in social media clip


Mike Tyson is arguably amongst the most memorable names in boxing history.

Iron Mike holds the record as the youngest person to claim the IBF, WBC and WBA heavyweight titles at 20 years of age, and the man who defeated his first 19 opponents via a knockout finish, completing under two thirds of these in the first round.

It comes as no surprise then, as to why his son (Miguel Leon) hasn’t pursued a career in fighting, at least yet.

Miguel sure would have a hard task on his hands and massive shoes to fill to live up the successes of his father.

But if a career change became sudden in Miguel’s life, boxing would definitely be a path he could comfortably walk down due to the connections his father would have and the experience he holds.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if he went on to have a successful fighting career’ but with the overwhelming pressure he would carry on his shoulders, he could have all the training he needs it would just be a matter of performing.


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Mike Tyson's son shows off his skill 

Although, aside from the potential pressures of performing, Miguel did well to put on a performance for Tyson’s Instagram audience with an impressive pads session he posted of which obtained interest and admiration from many fighting fans.

Off of the back of this, many published their thoughts that he should in fact pursue a career in fighting regardless of the pressures.

Because of this video, it gives Miguel a platform for him to potentially make the jump into the boxing scene, someone for the future but for many to keep a keen eye on for the mean time.

But this video that Tyson posted, it wasn’t necessarily to flaunt his sons skills or to show appreciation for where he had gotten to with his skills.

It was in retort to bold statements and claims made from Deontay Wilder, because he said along with support from his camp, that he’d have the ability and power to beat Tyson back when he was making others look semi - professional at best with his hard hits in his prime.

But Mike has previously proved that he’s still got what it takes to put up a decent performance and to put on an event for the masses in an exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jnr.

Even with the fight ending in a draw he continued to show that he isn’t finished just yet. But when he is finished will his son be able to keep dominance amongst the boxing scene within the family and be successful?

Would that be too hard to ask of Miguel, we may have seen him on the pads but when will we see him at least sparring on the canvas?

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