Does Splitgate Have Crossplay?

Can you crossplay in Splitgate?

Splitgate is one of the fastest-growing free-to-play multiplayer titles on the market, but does it feature crossplay across platforms?

1047 Games’ release has become a hit across PC and consoles, with several different ways to get into the Halo meets Portal action.

Here’s everything you need to know about Splitgate and whether the multiplayer title features cross-play across platforms.

There are a number of fast-paced PvP modes in Splitgate, with two teams set against each other in a unique portal based shooter environment.

Splitgate was originally released on PC to a positive and critical and player reaction, so the move over to console always seemed to be on the cards and was originally so popular that on one occasion the servers had to be shut down as 1047 couldn’t handle the capacity of incoming players.

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Does Splitgate Feature Crossplay?

Splitgate does feature cross-play, and this is extremely helpful for shortening wait times in lobbies and getting into the action quickly with a larger player base for the servers to choose from.

Cross-play in Splitgate is actually enabled by default, so players wanting to only face others on the same hardware will need to make a change to do so.

Players can change the setting in the settings menu, with the option being available under the Privacy tab.

This will however increase the time that players will have to wait to find a match, as the list of available opponents and teammates will be changed exponentially.

As of writing, Splitgate does not have a cross-progression feature, which is something that the development team may be looking at due to the increased want from gamers to have this feature for PvP free-to-play titles.

1047 Games has not publicly stated whether they will be looking at bringing in cross-progression, however, it would be a major step towards the title becoming one of the biggest multiplayer games on the free-to-play market.

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