Metroid Dread: What are the Ending Rewards?

Here's the ending rewards in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread has become one of the top-rated titles on the Nintendo Switch of 2021, but what are the ending rewards for completing the game?

The Switch game will offer players different rewards based on how quickly they can complete the 2D platformer.

Here’s everything you need to know about Metroid Dread’s ending rewards and how you can get them.

Metroid Dread is notoriously difficult, but if you’re experienced enough with the Metroid series of 2D games on the NES, SNES and GameBoy you may be able to speed through it to get the rewards.

The actual rewards come as different artwork, depending on how quickly you can make it through the game.

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Metroid Dread

What Are The Ending Rewards In Metroid Dread?

Here’s the list of artwork that you can unlock based on the speed that you complete Metroid Dread:

  • Metroid: Zero Mission - beat the game on Normal difficulty
  • Metroid: Samus Returns - beat the game on Normal within eight hours
  • Super Metroid - beat the game on Normal within four hours
  • Metroid: Other M - beat the game on Hard difficulty
  • Metroid: Fusion - beat the game on Hard within eight hours
  • Metroid: Dread - beat the game on Hard within four hours
  • Zero Suit Samus - unlock all other rewards

Don’t expect to be completing the game in 4 hours on your first playthrough! The title is a maze of different level designs and unlockables, designed to keep players guessing and searching.

The game is clearly designed for players to master in terms of speedrunning, and there will likely be a growing community of speedrunners in the next couple of months.

The Games Done Quickly (GDQ) event will usually have a few Metroid speedruns, specifically around Super Metroid and Fusion. It’s likely that we’ll see Metroid Dread make an appearance at the next event in 2022.

For us mere mortals though, completing the game on Normal difficulty to get the Metroid: Zero Mission artwork will be a nice consolation prize I guess! That’s if you can even find your way to the surface and the actual endgame itself.

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