Apex Legends Season 11: Ash Confirmed As Newest Legend

Ash from Titanfall 2 is the newest legend in Apex Legends Season 11.

The developers of Apex Legends have revealed that Ash will be the newest playable character in Season 11.

The TItanfall 2 character is next on the agenda for Respawn Entertainment as they look to expand the series out with even more content in the latest chapter.

Ash is a Simulacrum Pilot, which means that she is a robot that has a human brain embedded in her skull. That person in question is Dr Ashleigh Reid who is an ex-apprentice of Horizon, both of which featured in the world reveal which is featured below.

Apex Legends will be moving away from Season 10 and branching out to the new campaign which is titled 'Escape' with the following introduction: "Legends beware: a storm is brewing. Meet Ash, a simulacrum with secrets, and wield the C.A.R. SMG!"

With Seer set to step aside as the newest legend in the game, players will be eager to know more about Ash and her special abilities.

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Apex Legends Ash

EA unsurprisingly rolled out the red carpet for Ash in what was an intriguing cinematic trailer that was launched via the game's official YouTube channel.

The footage shows the issues that Ash has going on in her mind, the bad voice in her head talking down to her and accusing her of being weak, in an ongoing battle with herself.

Here is the video that was showcased:

As you can see, Ash is a force unleashed that has completely warped the mind of Reid, with her power and abilities set to be unleashed into the various maps and game modes across Apex Legends.

Exciting times are ahead for Apex players who have a new legend to test out, and is set to be right up there early on as one of the best playable characters.


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