WWE Raw: Doudrop stuns Shayna Baszler to set up Queen's Crown final with Zelina Vega

Doudrop Queen's Crown

WWE fans were left stunned during the latest instalment of Monday Night Raw after Doudrop defeated Shayna Baszler to reach the Queen’s Crown final.

On paper, the match looks destined to end in favour of The Queen of Spades. The notorious villain is merciless inside the ring and looked to completely crush the loveable babyface that is Doudrop.

However, the Scot beat all the odds to pin Baszler and secure her spot on the Crown Jewel card against Zelina Vega.

Doudrop previously defeated Natalya ahead of the head-turning clash against Baszler last night.

Since separating from her tag team partner Nia Jax, The Queen of Spades has been on a roll, overcoming nearly every opponent she’s faced in the ring.

However, Doudrop has also followed a similar storyline – breaking free from the hold of Eva Marie and becoming Raw’s newest hero. 

She put her new found freedom to the test against one of WWE’s most feared heels.

It looked to be an easy win for Baszler, who was on the verge of choking out Doudrop on the canvas.

But in a shock turn of events, the Scot evaded not one, but two Kirifuda Clutches to catch her opponent off guard and go in for the reverse pin.

Before she faced off against Baszler, Doudrop spoke on Raw Talk and vied to win the Queen’s Crown title.

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“This opportunity means the world to me,” she said. “Because, there’s no one like me in this tournament. There’s no one like me in this entire company. I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing this for all the kids who are just a little bit different, you know?

“Big kids, little kids, tall kids, short kids, freckly kids and ginger kids – everybody that didn’t fit in. I’m not fighting just for myself, I’m fighting for all of them – so I can show them that they are winners, too.”

Doudrop will take on Zelina Vega in the Queen’s Crown final this Thursday live on the Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia. 

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