Khabib Nurmagomodev: Footage of UFC legend using brutal headbutts in Russia


Khabib Nurmagomedov was always known as one of the fiercest fighters in the UFC and once even wrestled a bear.

In a career that spanned eight years, the four-time UFC champion Khabib cemented himself at the top of the sport, amassing an impressive 29-0 fight record, defeating a whopping 11 opponents by submission.

Revered and feared by many fighters in the UFC, Khabib was once referred to by Joe Rogan as: “The most terrifying lightweight contender in the world.

“He’s just on such another level [of grappling] that the odds of beating him drop significantly after the first minute-and-a-half.”

The freestyle grappler, officially retired earlier this year following his fight against Justin Gaethje in 2020, grew up sparring bears in Dagestan and is well known for his devastating ability to hurt his opponents on the ground.

One of his most brutal KO’s came against Thiago Tavares in January 2013, where Khabib wrestled his Brazilian opponent to the ground and proceeded to slam a series of crushing elbows into Tavares’ head, forcing the referee to stop the fight.


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But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Eagle punish his opponents while on the ground.

Footage has again emerged of Khabib unleashing a string of brutal headbutts during a fight in Russia in 2010.

Back then, headbutts were legal in the competition, and Khabib, as you’d expect, used them to devastating effect to defeat Ali Bagov at the Golden Fist Russia event in Moscow.

Check out some of his devastating blows below:

Khabib commented on his style back in 2020, stating that there is a distinct difference between the Russian and the American style of fighting.

For Khabib, Americans are more likely to give up on an approach if it fails once but conversely spoke of his relentless mentality of being ready to go again and again till he wins.

Ahead of his final UFC fight against Gaethje, Khabib said in a press conference: “I think it's a big difference [between American and Russian fighting.

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"I know he [Gaetheje] knows how to wrestle. Worry about wrestling 25 minutes. I told [Daniel Cormier] today: 'When you fight with Stipe Miocic last time, you grabbed his leg one time, and you take him down. He got up very quickly, and you're finished.' All other minutes [were] standup.

"Between me and 'DC' is a big difference.

"If I'm going to try to take him down once and he defends, I'm going to go all night. This is the big difference between US wrestling and Dagestan wrestling.

"They all good when they stand up, but when I grab them, it changes a little bit. I think more than Dustin and Conor and other guys, [Gaethje] knows to wrestle.

"It's going to be a little bit hard. I prepared myself to try to take him down 100 times.”

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