Khabib vs McGregor: Video of Notorious 'cheating' during UFC 229 fight


UFC 229 is perhaps the most iconic event in MMA history as it saw Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov fight it out in the Octagon.

The Russian went on to win the bout by submitting his opponent in the fourth round via a neck crank.

McGregor was completely outclassed by Khabib and he was by far the second-best that day.

To make things worse, there were a few incidents during the fight in which the Irishman appeared to have cheated as per a video uploaded by YouTube channel AntiParadox

One could also argue that the fight referee Herb Dean was lenient towards McGregor.

In the opening round, McGregor can be seen preventing Khabib from advancing by grabbing his shorts, which was illegal. Dean warned Notorious for his action, but only after the Russian pointed it out.


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Later on, McGregor kept landing punches to the back of Khabib’s head, which is illegal in UFC. However, he got away with it as Dean did not even deduct a point, something he should have done.

In the second round, the Irishman once again prevented his arch-rival from advancing by kneeing him. This was another illegal move and McGregor once again got away with it.

Shortly after, the Irishman can be seen trying to grab the Octagon mesh with his toes for leverage which is not allowed. Dean did tell him to remove his toes and he did so, after a good 20 seconds or so.

McGregor continued to commit illegal fouls during the remainder of the fight, trying for another knee in the third round before clinging on to the mesh to avoid a takedown. However, his fouls amounted to nothing as Khabib submitted him to win the fight.

After the bout, the Russian jokingly asked Dean: “Were you compensated well, Herb?”

Following his loss, McGregor was eager for a rematch and often tried to get under Khabib’s skin. However, he could not get another fight as the Russian retired from the sport after defeating Justin Gaethje at UFC 254.

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