Dillon Danis blames arrest on 'egotistical' bouncer for impersonating police

  • Tom Ward
Dillon Danis gives his version of events that led to his arrest

Dillon Danis has blamed an ‘egotistical’ bouncer for abusing his powers after he was arrested for disorderly conduct at the Jersey Shore bar in September. 

Danis, one of Conor McGregor‘s training partners, said the security guard is currently under investigation for impersonating a police officer. 

A video of the Bellator welterweight, 28, being physically restrained by security and then taken away in handcuffs has gone viral in recent weeks. 

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But he has vehemently denied any wrongdoing despite spending 20 minutes in jail. 

“The funny thing is he said I Googled myself,” Danis told MMA Fighting.

“I showed him my age and my passport. I showed him my vaccination card. I was just like, I don’t have my wallet on me because we were taking pictures all day.

“You know like when you wear a fitted suit and you have your wallet in your pocket?.

“It doesn’t look good for pictures. You know, you have a big square thing in your pockets.”

Dillon Danis and his sparring partner Conor McGregor

Danis claims he was surrounded by nine bouncers before things really started kicking off.

“Now, it’s becoming a thing,” he added.

“I’m not allowed to move, so I’m standing on the boardwalk. I would have left, but when you’re in those places, you can’t call Uber because it takes an hour to come.

“So I’m standing there because I’m not allowed to walk because I don’t have the crutches, and then these guys start getting confrontational.

“Then, they bring a bunch of the bartenders from inside, I swear it’s like nine people and they surround me.

“These guys were so egotistical, they’re just trying to fight me. I’m just like, ‘No one touch me and we don’t have a problem’.

“This one guy keeps tapping me on my head and is like, ‘What happens if I do touch you?’ I was like, ‘This f—— guy, bro.’

“I was like, ‘Bro, stop. I’m just trying to have fun, please don’t do that.’ He goes, ‘Okay, I’m going to do it again.’ He starts tapping me on the forehead. So then, a fight ensued.”

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It’s been a frustrating few months for Danis, from New Jersey, as he hasn’t fought since beating Max Humphrey at Bellator 222 in June 2019. 

But his stint in jail apparently didn’t last long, as he was released shortly after getting arrested and carried on partying the night away with his friends. 

“He’s in trouble for impersonating an officer, there’s like a whole thing that is going to court,” he revealed.

“It will all get taken care of. That’s not even the guy that was touching me, he wasn’t even involved.

“All the cops were on my side, to be honest. They put me in for like 20 minutes and then the cop drove us to another party.”

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