Khabib Nurmagomedov: UFC legend training by swimming against the current in freezing river


Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the, if not the best UFC fighter of all time and has had an extraordinary career, winning all of his 29 fights.

The Russian has been in top shape for all his bouts and a reason behind this is the amount of cardio he does while training.

Back in 2019, around a month after defeating Dustin Poirier, Khabib was training for his next fight by swimming through the rapids of a freezing river in Kizilyurt, Dagestan.

While Russians are acclimatized to cold, freezing rivers, swimming through one, that too against rapids, is never an easy task. However, this is Khabib we're talking about.

Even without the fact that he can hold his breath underwater for a long time, swimming against the rapids of a cold river might look like a piece of cake for him.


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The Eagle has often gone through some brutal training sessions, be it the time he wrestled a muzzled bear or the torturous final bit of his weight cut prior to his fight against Justin Gaethje.

However, those sessions have made him the fighter that he is and also, a key reason why he is head and shoulders above almost every MMA star of his time.

The Russian won his final fight against Gaethje by submitting him via a triangle choke in the second round. He later announced his retirement from MMA, chiefly because of his father's death.

However, Khabib is still active in the sport as a promoter, having purchased Gorilla Fighting Club for $1 million before renaming is as Eagle Fighting Club.

Many fans would like to see him make a return to the ring but that seems almost impossible, be it professionally or in an exhibition bout.

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