WWE: When Brock Lesnar F5'd Vince McMahon on Raw


Brock Lesnar has been there and done it all in WWE

The Beast Incarnate has hoovered up championships on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown and is currently locked in a feud over the WWE Universal Championship with Roman Reigns.

In total, Brock has won the WWE Championship five times, the Universal Championship three times, and is also a former King of the Ring and Money In The Bank holder. Back in 2003, Lesnar also won the Royal Rumble.

He’s had a few big rivalries throughout his time in the company and one of his most notable moments saw him go toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon in the centre of the ring. 

Back in 2013, his advocate, Paul Heyman was undergoing his performance review with Vince, in the ring. 

It was revealed during the promo that Heyman had been pulling plenty of strings behind the scenes, particularly involving The Shield and their attempts to halt CM Punk’s momentum. 

While Vince was talking, Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he walked down to the ring, seemingly to the surprise of Heyman. 

He made sure Paul stayed in the corner of the ring and squared up to Vince, who warned him not to do something he’d later regret. 


Lesnar appeared ready to back off, with Heyman screaming that he had the situation under control, but The Beast put Vince onto his shoulders, and hit him with a devastating F5. 

Heyman ended up on his knees with a shocked expression on his face, not unlike the expression he pulled when Lesnar managed to pin The Undertaker at WrestleMania. 

The segment, a real shocker, ended with Paul asking Brock “what did you do?”

2013 would turn out to be a bumper year for Brock, as he went on to feud with Triple H, wrestling him at both WrestleMania and Extreme Rules that year. 

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