Apex Legends Mobile: Leaks Reveal details Surrounding Next Open Beta

Apex Legends Mobile Leaks Reveal Details Surrounding Next Open Beta

Apex Legends Mobile will be doing another open beta in the near future and leaks have revealed the dates in which this beta will go live.

We have seen the beta available in some countries across the globe, mostly those in Asia and South America, but this open beta will hopefully give players the chance to see how good the game is currently.

A beta is a great way to test the game as it gives developers the chance to work out whether there are any issues that need sorting before full release.

The battle royale game has been so successful on PC and console, and there is no doubt that Apex Legends Mobile will be as good a success.

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Apex Legends Mobile Open Beta Date Leaked

The date for the next Apex Legends Mobile News beta has been revealed on social media by Apex Legends news. The page has been very reliable for open beta dates in the past and so there is no reason to believe the date they have for this upcoming beta is wrong.

The Apex Legends Mobile News page revealed on Twitter that the open beta will be going live on Tuesday 16th November 2021. This will no doubt have all the features of the game, and show players just how smooth the game is running.

Many are excited for the release of Apex Legends Mobile

With Apex Legends Mobile releasing a fair few betas over the last few months, the general feeling across the gaming community is that this game should be close to being perfected and ready for full release.

What is also great about Apex Legends Mobile is the fact that there will be some exclusive features available just in the mobile version of the game, and players will even be treated to exclusive cosmetics if they play the game.

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No doubt the release of Apex Legends Mobile is very exciting for both the gaming community and the developers, and we just hope that the game meets the expectations of Apex fans. We will provide more updates on this open beta when a date is confirmed.

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