Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher & Micah Richards' new TV segment is so good it's gone viral


We’re in a pretty blessed era when it comes to football punditry.

Sky Sports are able to roll out a stellar cast of experts that includes Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Roy Keane and Micah Richards.

Alex Scott and Emma Hayes have both proven themselves to be superb in front of the camera, too.

The best pundit double acts

You’ve also got the likes of Ian Wright and Rio Ferdinand, who both bring plenty of passion to the role.

Each pundit brings their own unique skill, but it’s when put together that we really see the best of them.

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Neville and Carragher are the best of the best and their regular appearances together on Monday Night Football are a treat.

Meanwhile, Keane and Richards as a double act is the bromance we never knew we needed. Richards is able to bring out a side to Keane that we’ve rarely seen before.


Henry, Richards & Carra shine on CBS

On Tuesday night, CBS Sports showcased their impressive punditry trio of Carragher, Richards and Thierry Henry, with the three ex-Premier League players coming together to analyse the Champions League matches.

At one point during the broadcast, CBS moved away from the action and introduced a segment called ‘In The Mixer’ – and it made for brilliant viewing.

The segment involved host Kate Abdo asking quickfire questions to the trio. Some were football-related, others weren’t.


Carragher replied with Henry when asked to name the player he least enjoyed playing against, while all three believe Manchester City will win the Champions League before Newcastle United.

One of the funniest moments came when Carragher and Richards’ lack of culinary experience left Henry amazed.

“You see, we have to educate them, this is not possible! What chance do we have? What chance do we have?,” the former Arsenal striker said to Abdo.


Watch the full segment

Later on in the segment, Carragher was dumbfounded to hear Richards name Henry as the greatest French footballer of all time.

“What?! It’s Zidane. Zidane!,” Carragher said. “He knows that. It’s Zidane isn’t it?”

Check out the entire segment below.

Brilliant stuff. Fans are now very keen to see more of Henry, Carragher and Richards together on their screens.


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