Jett Receives Accidental Nerf in Valorant Patch 3.09

Jett gets accidental nerf on Valorant Patch 3.09

Valorant Patch 3.08 has been released onto servers, and there appears to be a major nerf to popular Agent, Jett.

The actual change, however, was not listed as part of the Patch Notes for the new update, and fans have been reacting to the change online via social media and Reddit.

Here’s everything we know about Jett and the apparent nerfs that have changed her play dramatically in-game.

Players noticed that there was a significant change to the weapon pull-out time after using Jett’s Tailwind (E) or dash ability.

The weapon pull-out time in Patch 3.07 was 1.18 seconds, and after the 3.08 patch was implemented it changed to 1.42 seconds.

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Was Jett’s Nerf Accidental?

It appears as though the nerf to Jett was accidental, as it was not part of the Patch Notes for the latest update.

This was confirmed by noted Valorant leaker @ValorLeaks tweeted regarding the mistake, saying: “The current Jett dash changes are a bug. If you are interested; the time to pull out your weapon is a lot longer than it is supposed to be. | #VALORANT

Ryan Cousart, Game Designer on @PlayValorant working on Agents, also confirmed that the nerf was in fact a mistake, writing “Digging into this now, definitely not intentional.”

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While some players who main Jett have been unhappy with the drastic change to gameplay, some players are begging Riot Games to keep the ‘accident’ in the game.

Will "dazzLe" Loafman, a Valorant pro player currently signed to Luminosity requested that Riot Games keep the change rather than ‘fixing’ it. He said in a reply to Cousart: “KEEP IT PLEASE ILL DO ANYTHING.”

There’s currently no confirmation on when the changes to Jett will be reverted, however with the Agent being one of the most popular in the game it is likely that Riot will be working to get this anomaly sorted as soon as possible.

We will update this page as and when Riot have made the changes to Jett, although it may be coming as part of a hotfix down the line rather than a quick change.

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