WWE: The Undertaker won't be at Crown Jewel despite rumours suggesting otherwise

The Undertaker is not going to be at WWE Crown Jewel

Despite reports and rumours suggesting otherwise, The Undertaker IS NOT going to be in Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel tomorrow night.

Some video footage has circulated online of The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia, with the footage even picking up mainstream media attention in the country.

This led to many speculating that The Undertaker is going to be at WWE Crown Jewel tomorrow night, but this frankly isn't the case.

The footage is from 2019, and reports have indicated that 'The Deadman' has not made the trip over to Saudi Arabia for tomorrow afternoon's huge pay-per-view event.

Dave Meltzer has addressed the rumours, confirming that the video is from 2019, adding that there isn't "anything to the story".

There is a big rumor in Saudi Arabia about the Undertaker returning at Crown Jewel that has gotten mainstream coverage. There’s been promotion on social media that teases his appearance that has circulated on social media for the last 10 days or so. To clarify, the video making the rounds that has caused the rumor is from 2019 and there doesn’t appear to be anything to the story.

This would seemingly put to bed any rumours that The Undertaker is in Saudi Arabia ahead of an appearance at WWE Crown Jewel tomorrow.

The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series last year, with his final match coming at the WrestleMania 36 show in April 2020.

'The Deadman' hasn't appeared on WWE TV in close to 12 months, and it seems like he's finally done with WWE and wrestling as a whole.

You can watch WWE Crown Jewel on October 21 (tomorrow) live in the US here on Peacock and in all other international markets on the WWE Network.

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