FIFA 22: MattHDGamer Reveals Why The FUT Market Has Crashed

MattHDGamer was gobsmacked about the FUT market crash in FIFA 22.

Everyone is mystified right now in regards to the goings-on right now with the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT) Transfer Market.

Prices of players usually tend to plummet with a new game or real-life season on the horizon, but never after the launch of a new title by EA, this is unheard of.

Just to provide some perspective on the situation, Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne, on 12th October he was selling at 186k Coins. At the time of writing, his price has shot down to only 131k Coins (via Futbin) - a massive loss of over 50k Coins.

Another shocking example of this is Manchester United winger Marcus Rashford. Back on the game's release day of 1st October, the Englishman was trading for 155k Coins, according to Futbin, now he is worth just 75k Coins.

So what has gone on? Why are players suddenly worth nothing on the market and what can be done to repair the damage that has been done?

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FIFA 22 FUT Market Crash

MattHDGamer, one of the most prominent FIFA influencers on YouTube, made an attempt to try and explain what has happened to the market. However, he has not nailed it down to one particular reason, but a culmination of factors.

It has been nothing short of a nightmare for traders so far on FIFA 22 and, via his YouTube channel, tried to explain what might have happened to the market.

"A lot of traders who spend loads of time on the market every day, there's been so much supply and overinvestment in those SBC fodder (cheap) cards that it's causing people to panic and sell," MattHDGamer said.

"Another big reason is also the no loss glitch from the weekend league. So many people completed their games early, so many people got crazy rewards, thanks to the no loss glitch.

"A lot of people might be getting banned, however, in this timeframe, so many people have done no loss glitch and are still playing Ultimate Team. They've still got those Coins, they've still got those crazy rewards. 

"So many players got Rank I and Rank II when they've been doing the no loss glitch. That means they get loads of crazy packs."


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