Nemanja Vidic vs Virgil van Dijk: Epic video backs Man Utd legend over Liverpool star

  • Kobe Tong

Nemanja Vidic is one of the greatest players that the Premier League has ever seen.

Yes, that’s right, forget merely calling him one of the finest centre-backs or defenders because the Manchester United legend was such a warrior that he transcended positions on the pitch.

Besides, in a world where defensive stars have a much tougher time winning individual prizes, it speaks volumes that Vidic is the only defender to have won the Premier League‘s Player of the Season award twice.

Vidic’s incredible Man Utd resumé

Marry that to five Premier League titles, three League Cups, five Community Shields, the FIFA Club World Cup and Champions League to see just how much of a born winner Vidic really was.

So, as we celebrate the colossal Serbian reaching his 40th birthday, it only makes sense to look back on the very warrior-like spirit that made him such a beloved figure at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’.

After all, it’s something that United fans have had to defend across social media in recent years with the rise of Virgil van Dijk at Liverpool seeing constant comparisons made between the two players.

Man Utd vs Atalanta Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

Vidic vs Van Dijk debate

Dare we say suggest that it’s a perfectly legitimate argument to be having, but one area in which Vidic surely has the advantage is his do-or-die attitude to win games at all costs.

That’s not a criticism of Van Dijk, by the way, because there is no denying for one second that the Dutchman has a similarly elite mentality and his trophy cabinet at Anfield is a testament to that.

But if I told you that one of them had broken their nose, dived in front of a shot with their head and wiped out somebody with a slide tackle for the cause, we all know that you’d bet on it having been Vidic.

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“Van Dijk is good… But Vidic was a BEAST!”

And that entire status quo is perfectly demonstrated by a viral video from YouTuber ‘Teo CRi’, which has amassed more than 1.7 million views, aptly titled: “Van Dijk is Good…But Vidic was a BEAST!”

Weighing in at 10 minutes of Vidic eliminating any and every attacking threat under the sun in his United prime, it really does make for the perfect way to celebrate his birthday, so check it out below:

He comes from Serbia, he’ll fu– uhum, sorry…

Vidic’s do-or-die attitude

Look, does putting your head amongst the studs at the risk of looking like Terry Butcher after an England game automatically make you a better defender? Of course it doesn’t.

And as unpopular as it might be for me to say amongst United fans, it’s not as though the argument that Van Dijk is a better Premier League defender is one that is completely false and hyperbolic.


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However, what the video illustrates to perfection is the unique quality that made Vidic such a warrior in the Premier League and one that’s loved by every seat, row and stand of Old Trafford to this day.

Just in the way that Van Dijk has perfected the ‘Rolls Royce’ brand of defending, Vidic made the do-or-die attitude his own and he wouldn’t have become the United icon that we know today without it.



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